Hello again, friends!

In this edition of my blog, I present to you some help in getting your creative juices flowing, so that you can make some awesome project. It’s mostly inspired by this article by Tobias van Schneider, Design Lead at Spotify.

While working as a contractor making a website this summer, I’ve been rather starved doing iOS app development, something that I really enjoy doing. Sure, making a website is pretty cool, especially when you are in control of the entire process, and it has definitely helped in pushing me to revamp my personal website. The problem is that it just isn’t iOS.

In an attempt to “get back in the game,” I’ve been doing some light reading on Swift for when I finally upgrade to Yosemite and iOS 8, and going over some of my text books on iOS programming and app development. I just had not found a reason to actually make something. I found myself in a creative rut that was very hard to get out of.

After reading that article, I had a stroke of inspiration. All you really need is a little bit of dumb, crazy idea, and you can do just about anything. Even if it is something that doesn’t really make sense to anybody but yourself, it may as well be a good idea.

Currently, I only have two ideas in my book, but it’s a much better start than where I was a month ago. Now, I can at least start making something and really get the creative juices flowing. Even if they amount to nothing, it will be a much better way to spend my time, than not actually doing anything at all. Maybe they’ll even push me towards an even dumber idea?